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Biography :

Full Name :

Catherine Zeta Jones

Born :

25 September 1969

Family :


Height :

5' 8"

Education :


As one of the United Kingdom's most respected and popular actresses, Catherine Zeta-Jones has gained prominence in the United States with her role in one 1998's most popular feature films, The Mask of Zorro!
Catherine began acting at age 11, playing the lean in a production of Annie and at 13 starred in a West End production of the musical Bugsy Malone. When Catherine was 16 she took over the lead in David Merrick's 42nd Street.
Her first regular television role came in the nostalgic British TV series The Darling Buds of May. While the US audience was unaware of her work, Catherine was rapidly becoming a star in the UK.In fact, with the popularity of The Darling, Catherine became a superstar in the UK. With her role in the four-hour television docudrama Titanic, Catherine got noticed in the United States. Most importantly, she was noticed by Steven Spielberg, who recommended Catherine for the female lead The Mask of Zorro. Now everyone knows Catherine Zeta-Jones